How is Pricing Determined?

Let HomeBuy® buy your home and avoid the hassles of listing for sale and months of uncertainty.

At HomeBuy we set out to reinvent how homes are sold. We formulated a systematic process to evaluate homes based on multiple criteria’s which allows us to streamline the process. Since we’ve simplified the home selling process, we’re able to offer fair and lightning fast cash offers for homeowners looking to sell quickly and eliminate the hassles and stress of listing for sale on the market. Our pricing is preset and determined upon specific property conditions, location and our internal costs.

HomeBuy® Pricing

HomeBuy Offer $300,000
Transaction fee 5%
Debt service – holding costs 2%
Resale Costs – broker coop 3%
Market risk and fluctuations 5%
Net cash to seller $255,000

Traditional Sale

List Price $300,000
Real estate fees 6%
Debt service – Mortgage payments 2%
Buyer credits / price negotiations 3%
 Clean up / staging / preparing for sale 2%
Net cash to seller $255,000

The above example is based on average seller experiences at HomeBuy and is not representative of the exact fees you would pay in either selling to HomeBuy directly or listing your home traditionally. Closing costs are not included, as they can vary significantly. A HomeBuy Consultant can help you understand typical closing costs in your area.

Getting Your Home Sold Couldn’t Be Easier

Let HomeBuy® buy your home and avoid the hassles of listing for sale, multiple showings, and months of uncertainty.

Skip the Listing. Go to SOLD.

Skip the hassles of listing for sale, having strangers trounce through your home for months on end and the uncertainty of a sale date.

A recent USA article says the average Sacramento homeowner can expect to pay $30,136 in home selling costs. This article does not factor in things like months of mortgage payments incurred during the sale period.

  Traditional Sale
Home showings NO Yes
Clean up NO Yes
Appraisal needed NO Yes
Financing contingencies NO Yes
Commissions NO Yes
Fast closing Yes NO
Guaranteed sale Yes NO