HomeBuy® Pro for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents earn up to 8%. Submit your listing and get paid to Represent both sides (Double End) PLUS get an additional 2% Bonus Fee.

Submit your client’s listing

Simply enter your clients address to generate a cash offer. You must have a valid listing agreement with the seller to qualify.

Double-end the transaction

Get paid to represent both sides if your seller accepts our offer from HomeBuy®. We’ll gladly allow you to represent us in the purchase as well.

Get paid at the close of escrow

Represent both the seller and HomeBuy® and we’ll pay you an additional 2% bonus fee on top of already double-ending the transaction.

Over the years, HomeBuy has become the “go-to” company for Realtors®️ needing a quick hassle free home sale. Agents can rest assured knowing our background as seasoned real estate investors, plus our strong knowledge of construction and design, we’ll be able to quickly assess any property and offer a fair cash offer. Whether you have a property on MLS that’s just not selling or you have an off market property that’s not prepared to list, give us a call as we may be to help! We’d love to hear from you 1-855-HOMEBUY.

You represent both the seller and HomeBuy®

  • Depending on your listing agreement, that could be 6% in commissions.

You get a Bonus 2% bonus fee

  • Earn full commissions for representing both sides and get an additional 2% bonus fee on top of that.

Submit Your Client’s Listing to Homebuy.com

You must be a licensed real estate agent to qualify, and the listing must be yours.

Represent The Seller & HomeBuy®

Get paid both sides of the commission when you submit a house to HomeBuy®. Depending on your listing agreement, that could be up to 6% in commissions.

 Get An Additional 2% Bonus Fee

HomeBuy® will pay you an additional 2% bonus fee on top of the commission you earn for representing both sides. We pay this directly to you through escrow at closing.

Types of Homes We Buy

  • Good Condition. We buy homes in good condition and pay a fair price for the convenience of a quick and hassle free sale.
  • Outdated. Homes that need a little TLC.  From our experience, homes from the Mid 90’s and older could use some updating.
  • Inherited Property. Your client may have inherited a property that needs a lot of work.  Let us take on the work.
  • Fixer. A home that pretty much needs everything from the foundation up.  At HomeBuy, we’re general contractors and we love a challenge.
  • Rental Properties. Does your client have a rental property with tenants in place?  Not to worry, we buy some properties to hold as long term investments.
  • Foreclosures. Have a client in foreclosure?  We can quickly help and prevent your client from further stress related to the sale.

The HomeBuy® Difference

Intelligent Offers

Our Cash Offers are backed by computer learning technology which takes in consideration such things as comparable sales, location and the condition of the property.

HomeSelling Made Easy

Our purchase transactions are stress free and there’s never any appraisals or conventional home loan approvals on our end.

Faster Home Sale

We can close in as little as 7 days or the time of your clients choosing. With our all cash offers, rest assured you’ll get your clients home sold fast and at a fair price.

Flexible Closing Dates

Were flexible and can accommodate your clients timelines. We can close in 7, 14, 21, 30 or up to 60 days.

All Cash Purchase

We can close on your clients property quickly and efficiently with our all cash purchase program.


Once escrow is opened we’ll deposit an additional 2% bonus fee for agents in addition to the earnest money deposit.