How does a double-digit return on your money consistently and safely sound?

HomeBuy® purchases residential real estate throughout the State of California. Most homes purchased generally require some sort of renovation in order to make them market ready.  Once renovations are complete, our properties are then marketed for sale at full market value.  We team up with private money investors to fund the purchase of the property with a guaranteed annual return rate of 10%.

Do you have $50,000-$1,000,000 sitting in an account making less than 10% on your money?

For every loan, the private lenders receive:

  • A Promissory Note
  • A 1st Deed of Trust recorded against the property
  • Added on to the hazard insurance of $2,000,000 as the mortgagee
  • A copy of any appraisals or market analysis reports
  • Lender’s title insurance

Want to Invest in Real Estate Without Dealing with “Tenants and Toilets”?

Become a Private Lender to Securely Earn a Steady Return, Safely Backed by a First Deed of Trust on Real Estate!

Get information on the home you’ll be investing in

See the home and decide for yourself if it’s a property in which you’d like to invest.